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Sho-Rack provides Newspaper Racks for your Needs

Sho-Rack Closure April 30, 2015

We regret to inform our friends and valued customers that after nearly 60 years of serving the newspaper industry, Kaspar Sho-Rack will cease operations. Sho-Rack will accept orders until April 30, 2015 and will complete all shipments by August 30, 2015.   Click for more information.



Coin Operated Newspaper Vending Machine

The Heavy Duty Newspaper vending machine that has proven to provide many years of trouble-free, reliable service!

Refurbished and Used

Give your old newspaper racks new life with our Refurbishing Program. Find good deals on used racks.

Specialty Items and Sales

Sho-Rack manufactures drop boxes. Take a look at our Sales Items! 

Free Publication

Sho-Rack offers a large line of Free Publication Display Newspaper Racks from small to large capacity!

TK-Advantage Software

Kaspar Sho-Rack's TK Advantage software allows collection, storage and reporting of news rack and store sales data for single copy circulation management


Quality and longevity receive priority as Sho-Rack offers a complete line of In-store Newspaper Racks. 
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